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Just The Small Things


Today I needed to run some errands but it was rainy and my brake fluid light had come on two days ago. Plus when I got to my car, I saw that one of my tires needed air. For a second, I wished I had someone to take care of those things for me. Then I thought about taking it down the street to a mechanic shop that could handle it. Then I came to my senses and was like, “Naw, I can do this!” So I pulled out the car manual to find out where the brake fluid reservoir is. I found some brake fluid in my trunk, and I filled it up. Then I drove slowly to a gas station where I filled up my tire. Those were small things but I felt good that I took care of them myself.

This got me thinking- when possible, teach people skills instead of doing things for them. It might seem good at the moment to do it for them, but then what do they do when they don’t have you around? It feels good to be able to do something yourself. It feels empowering. So give someone that gift of empowerment that keeps on giving.


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