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I Face Painted a Girl That Was Lost


A little girl was lost in the woods several months ago.

The parents were packing up to close their camping trip and she wandered off.
I remember praying for her.
Praying that they find her.

She was lost overnight and people were concerned.😞
But she found a house and she walked right up onto the porch and the woman recognized her as a child that was lost.
She was returned to her parents safely.

I Face painted her today.

You never think, when you see a story like that on the news, and you take a moment to ask God to please do something where people are powerless to do anything…
You never think you’re going to see that person that you prayed for, but God gave me a gift today.
He let me hold her and paint her face and make her smile. I can almost hear him saying “Here’s the little girl that you asked me to take care of. See? I took care of her just like you asked of me.”.

It’s a good thing they didn’t tell me until afterward.
If they’d told me before, when her little face was in my hands, I’d have burst into tears.

Today I held a little miracle.
That’s how God hugs us, I think.
And he knew I needed one.


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