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Even Iguanas Need to Be Saved


I saw a hero in action today. It was a man I’ve never seen or met before. I was pulling out into very busy traffic on Hallandale Bch Blvd and I noticed something long in the road. It looked like a big stick. There was a car stopped in front of it and I thought he was trying to avoid running over the stick. When I got up closer, I could see it was a large iguana that somehow managed to get himself stuck in the middle of a 6 lane, traffic-congested area. Immediately I was sad because I knew this iguana could not possibly survive getting safely across this road. That’s where the real-life hero comes in. The man in the car in front of the ‘stick’ got out and blocked traffic and actually walked this iguana across 6 lanes of traffic!
People like that are true hero’s. People who help and defend defenseless animals of any species are the real heroes in my book! I wish I could’ve met him and thanked him. ❤️


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