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Report Button:

On all classified ads and blog posts that members make, there will always be a “report” button.  Please feel free to use it if you believe a member has violated our community guidelines or terms of service. It helps us weed out any member who chooses not to play by the rules.

  1. On any classified ad or blog post, scroll to the end of the post and identify a yellow “report” button and click it.
  2. It will bring this form up:

3. Under “Issue” choose: “abusive content” “spam content” or “possible crime”
4. Where it says “your name” type your first and last name.
5. Where it says “your email” type in your email.
6. In the “details” box, give a description of why the classified ad or blog post needs to be reported.
7. Click the yellow “submit report” button.
8. Your report will be submitted to the admins.