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Avoiding Online Scams

We here at Dollar Classifieds want everyone to be safe while using our site. We abhor the predatory behavior of scammers and shady practices of businesses with unethical behavior.  We will do everything on our end to combat scammers, but we totally expect for you to do your part.  Every ad comes with it’s very own “REPORT AD” button and we take it very seriously.  We move swiftly to verify claims, judge the ad based off of our community guidelines and if necessary, remove the ad. If it is a user who has committed prior offenses (we use a strike based system), we will remove their membership and if it involves something of a criminal nature, we will have the proper law enforcement involved.
We have prepared a bit of information for you to help you avoid scams down below.  This is like boxing, at all times keep yourself protected!

*Always try to deal with local sellers —follow this one rule and avoid 99% of scam attempts.

*Do not provide payment to anyone you have not met in person.

*Be careful of offers involving shipping – deal with locals you can meet in person.

*Never wire funds (e.g. Western Union) – that’s a red flag, it’s a scam

*Don’t accept cashier, certified checks or money orders – banks cash these payment methods, and you are the one that will be liable

No one from Dollar Classifieds will be involved in a transaction between two parties, transactions are between users only

*Never give out financial info (bank account, social security, paypal account, etc).
Do not rent or purchase sight-unseen—that too good to be true “deal” may not exist.

Conduct real estate transactions in person and verify that the one with the real property/ rental is who they say they are before any background checks or your information is given to them.

The most common online scams are:

  • Listings that don’t require a credit check for homes, cars, or other used vehicles (usually, this is a way to get your personal information, or put you in debt that is hard to recover from)
  • Requesting a wire transfer to either steal your money without giving you anything or get your bank information
  • Posting an item for sale that they don’t have, and including generic photos of the product in question
  • Spamming with a lot (or many) of postings for the same item
  • Requesting to use PayPal, then sending you a link to sign up (it’s a phishing scam, so don’t click that link!)
  • Someone who wants to buy from you, or wants you to buy from them sight unseen (they’re stealing or robbing your identity, plain and simple).